Website Submission Guidelines


Middle Eastern and African conflict and geopolitics are the core topics The Conflict Archives covers. However The Conflict Archives is open to publishing articles on human conflict across the globe including causes, consequences, radicalisation, extremism, terrorism, conflict resolution as well as focusing on wider security and development issues. The Conflict Archives is happy to accept and publish interviews, news, cartoons, videos (Youtube) and other forms of media.



1000 to 3000 words in length. In some circumstances extended pieces will be considered.


500 - 2000 words in length. In some circumstances extended pieces will be considered. The pieces must be timely, well-written, opinionated and bring a new perspective to the subject matter.  

Book Reviews:

800 words.



Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their work.


Unattributed use of other people’s work is unacceptable and harmful not only to the author but also to the reputation of The Conflict Archives. Responsibility for any plagiarism will rest with the author.


Comments and replies will be moderated. Report any offensive or unwarranted behaviour.


All text published on The Conflict Archives website will be under a Creative Commons license, whereby work can be quoted or reproduced elsewhere as long as it is properly attributed and linked back to The Conflict Archives, and as long as it is not reproduced for commercial use. (For details on CC licensing, see brief summary and Legal Code.). Unless otherwise informed, we assume that submitted articles are offered for exclusive publication in Strife and that no piece accepted for publication will be published elsewhere simultaneously in any form without our knowledge.

How to submit your article/news piece

 All submissions to The Conflict Archives should be made digitally, in MS Word and emailed as an attachment to Your email should be clearly marked with the words 'Article' or 'News' in the email title. Please attach an image if possible.

If the image is from the internet then please send a link as well. Please read 'Images' section for important copyright information. Please also send a brief biography of yourself. No more than four sentences is required. 

Your article will be returned to you with feedback from Matthew Williams. If you article is deemed suitable for publication, then it is your responsibility to make the required editing before the final copy's publish date. 


Speech/quotation marks

The Conflict Archives prefers single speech marks for quotations, and double speech marks for quotations within quotations.


The best way of making references on the website: links

Links: In general, if you are referencing from something which exists online, it is preferable to use in-text links. Links should be descriptive. Avoid using the word ‘link’ in brackets after a sentence or linking from the word ‘here’, where an alternative is possible.

For example:

ISIS recently released a video threatening David Cameron and the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

In all cases, contributors should double-check the relevance and validity of links before submission.


  • Proofread everything at least three times before submitting your work for publication. 
  • Identify what kind of piece you want to write before hand. Is it a commentary? Is it an opinion piece? Is it an interview? Is it a book review? Is it an intellectual piece? Is it geo-political? Is it a deep, emotional piece related to conflict? Once you have defined this it will be easier for you to organise and write the eventual article or news piece. 
  • Research, research, and research before you write and take an original approach as can be to the conflict or topic at hand. 
  • Be passionate, be compelling, be concise, be direct, be assertive, simplify the complicated, and avoid academic jargon if possible. Remember that it is all about the reader and how effectively you communicate with your target audience. 
  • Set a deadline for when you want to publish the article. 


Contributors are encouraged to provide an image for their post (or several depending on the length) of the article or news piece. This could be a photograph, a graphic or a cartoon. Images can be in GIF, PNG, JPG or JPEG format.

Please note that it is essential that we have permission to publish the image, either through a Creative Commons license or through explicit written permission from the copyright owner. Please provide a link to the source of the image if the image is from the Internet. 


The views expressed on The Conflict Archives are attributable to their individual authors writing in their personal capacity only, and not to any other author, the editors, or any other person, organisation or institution with which the author might be affiliated unless explicitly stated so. Please remember that these guidelines are intended to give the website consistency; they are not meant to alter your individual voices and opinions.