Political Risk Analysis

The Conflict Archives conducts informed analysis of the politics, conflicts, regulations and government instability. These problems can generate multiple risks, dilemmas and barriers which multi-national organisations, banks, investors and individuals and entrepreneurs must navigate when considering exploring opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. 



The increasing complexity of the post-modern world and the ascension of access to an unprecedented amount of information and data is a challenge which is constantly evolving and shifting for policymakers, businesses and non-governmental organisations alike. Traditional political, social, technological and economic structures are changing and developing at an exponential pace. 

Understanding the complexities of conflict and security and the short-term and long-term challenges involved in many frontier markets is essential. Ensuring that the information is filtered, researched and presented in a variety of ways is critical to navigating and protecting client interests.  


Contemporary and historical events have brought destabilising change to the Middle East and North African regions. These threats are a blend of old and new ranging from kidnap and exposure to civil conflict and war zones to the emerging cyber-security threats from terrorists and criminals and the utilisation of emerging robotics by both the insurgent and the state. 

The operational problems in high-risk environments and the uncertainty which accompanies states afflicted by violence, civil unrest and war and post-conflict states bring tactical and strategic risks for businesses, governments and human rights organisations. Understanding these threats and preparing for the challenges and opportunities which can come with addressing these risks in a nuanced way is critical to success in this region of the world and ensuring shared prosperity. 

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The rewards of business in the Middle East and North Africa are numerous. Despite contemporary social, religious and economic instability, the region has, historically, been a site of innovation, economic power and cultural richness which has had a profound impact across the globe. 

While the Middle Eastern wars have shattered conventional economies, they have carved open opportunities for alternative modes of development and commerce which are fused to technological and social changes occurring across the planet. Understanding the operational, fiscal, reputational and cultural risks of doing business with countries within the region is key to seeing returns on investments in the short-term and long-term.